Show group manestream

My little pony - Friendship is magic is a phenomenon. The Berlin show group manestream wants to capture this magic and bring it to the stage. With magic and a large portion of friendship, they want to create something that equally touches and amuses. As mainstream as they sound at first, they are not. After appearing on various conss such as Connichi, NiCon, BiMaCo and Ongaku Matsuri in recent years, the show group will come to Coburg this year to inspire you with their latest piece "Time waits for no one" at this year's DeDeCo had its premiere.


The act named "Time waits for no one"

"What is my purpose in life, and can I live up to all expectations?" Equestria's young princesses Luna and Celestia also have to deal with these questions.

But rescue comes in the form of a time-traveling blue box and its passengers. Can the doctor help you in your search? And can the princesses save their land, which one day sinks in deep night? Find out in our new song "Time waits for no one".