General Visitor Rules

The following rules apply without exception to all visitors and helpers on the entire territory. For cosplays and weapon accessories, the cosplay and weapon rules must also be observed.

1.0 Alcohol and drug ban

There is a strict ban on alcohol and drugs on the Xmas Con. Inmates are immediately excluded from the event.

2.0 Non-smoking

Smoking is prohibited throughout the building. The use of shishas and e-cigarettes is also prohibited. Outside of the building can be smoked in the areas provided with an ashtray.

3.0 Animals

Animals are forbidden at the event. Exceptions to this rule are animals specially trained for the care and support of handicapped persons (e.g., blind dogs). In case of doubt, appropriate supporting documents are required.

4.0 Roles

The premises, as well as their furniture, must be treated with care. If anybody notices a complaint, this is to be communicated to the organizers without delay. Any incipient waste of each individual must be disposed in the facilities provided for this purpose.

5.0 Toilets and hygiene

Ensure the proper use of the toilets. Hairsprays and deodorants should only be used in low doses. It is forbidden to throw ladies' hygiene articles into the toilets. Please use the facilities provided for this purpose.

6.0 Warranty

Every visitor to the event is obligated to pay attention to his / her property. If objects are found, they must be handed over immediately to the Xmas Con info point. There, all the items will be gathered during the event and will be collected there. The Xmas Con shall not be liable in the event of theft, loss or damage to any objects.

7.0 Wardrobe

The "Kongresshaus Coburg" is responsible for the custody of the cloakroom and is also responsible for this. Cloakroom service is provided by the "Kongresshaus Coburg".

8.0 Age requirements

The meaning of the German Protection of Young Persons Act (Jugendschutzgesetz; English version), must be observed at the Xmas Con. This is based on our age determinations. Children under 7 years of age can only attend the event by an adult accompanying person (educational worker OR a full-time person authorized by the educational authority).

8.1 Evening Programs

The evening program is organized in cooperation with the youth center (JUZ) in Coburg. The JUZ is a recognized institution of youth welfare, so special provisions apply to the German Protection of Young Persons Act. For help, we have summarized the following table:

age time Comments

to 14

until 22 o'clock

it is possible to visit the evening program until 22 o'clock, a student ID is required, under 14-year-olds may stay with the parents or a person entitled to education (parents party slip) until the end of the event


until 24 o'clock

without restrictions, since the event officially only until 24 o'clock, no further provisions are to be observed, a student or ID card is required

The presumed "parents party slip" of the district Coburg can be downloaded at the following link:

9.0 Rights of use of photos

The rights of use of all photos taken by the event photographer are with the organizer. Anyone who does not agree to a publication on our homepage ( or on Eventgalleries (for example, on Animexx, Facebook or Twitter) can inform us at the Xmas Con info point.

10.0 General prohibitions

a) Open fires are prohibited in the location.
b) The use of the sockets is reserved for organizers, retailers, exhibitors and assistants. Some exceptions are possible only after agreement with the Xmas Con organization.
c) Due to the limited space, "Selfiesticks" are only to be used in the outer area.
d) The sale of goods, as well as the distribution and distribution of advertising material are prohibited without consultation with the organizers.
e) Stairs, sanitary facilities and passageways shall not be obstructed. If people sit on the stairs, the helpers and organizers will kindly point you to keep them free.
f) A particular source of danger is the terrain, which is why the climbing and slipping on the gels is prohibited.
g) Ahegao ban - We no longer allow ahegao depictions on clothing or accessories. Similar or other representations that may damage or disrupt the purpose, reputation of the event or other visitors are also prohibited. This rule is affected beginning with the year 2020.

11.0 Cosplay and Weapon Rules

All visitors of the Xmas Con are obligated to stick to the existing cosplay and weapon rules. All weapons are to be presented at the entrance to the weapon check. In the event of a breach of these rules, the organizer shall prescribe the right to exclude persons from the event and, if necessary, to take criminal action against the persons concerned.

If you have any questions about the ABRs, you can contact us at any time.

12.0 Visitor wristband

Special care must be taken when handing out the wristbands on the day of the event, and this applies in particular to visitors. Visitors for the evening program or possible other activities will be allocated a different (limited) volume. If a wrong wristband has been allocated, this will no longer be traceable afterwards.

Version 1.4 dated 06/15/2020


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