Would you like to have a workshop on next German Xmas Con? Then apply for it. We are waiting for new interesting workshop themes. Please use the contact form.

Sewing for Cosplaybeginner
from Loliya

Loliya, the Thuringian fashion designer for cosplay and lolita fashion, should have been remembered by most of you through her fashion show at the last Xmas Con.

In the workshop "Sewing for cosplay beginners" I would like to introduce you to the basics of sewing and important elements for cosplay work. I'll show you tricks and tricks to make it easier for you to approach this topic and help you with questions about your specific cosplay plans. So if you have a problem with a particular project, just collect the questions that come up and bring them to the workshop. Outside of the workshop, you can also contact me at my stand.


Origami Workshop
by Berry Antoinette

Origami to fold! Origami are beautiful and elaborately folded paper figures from Asia. They serve as decoration, gift or even have ritual backgrounds. In my Origami Workshop I want to teach you simple Christmas figures. Anyone who knows something or feels more confident can also enjoy a traditional crane. You can of course take the produced figures as a souvenir. I am looking forward to your visit in one of my workshops! Berry ♥




Foam Workshop for beginners
by Lara Wegenaer Arts

Many cosplayers use foam because it is a versatile material. In my workshop I want to show you how to work with Foam. In addition to the cutting of foam, above all, the right preparation, how to use the glue properly and what you have to consider when editing with the Dremel - just everything that you generally need to know about foam and its processing.