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How do I plan my vacation in Japan?
from Kay-Max Ströhlein

You want to learn how to plan your own trip to Japan? In my workshop I will give you valuable tips and tricks to organize your dream trip independently. Discover the best times to travel, create a customized itinerary, and learn how to easily book accommodations and activities. Have you always wanted to travel to the land of the rising sun, but don't have the courage yet? Then you are exactly right here. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Japan and let yourself be enchanted by its culture. Simply take part in my workshop and create your own unforgettable travel plan to Japan.


In the eye of the beholder – a photography workshop for photographers and cosplayers
from Denny Hartung alias Facettenauge-D

The biggest question you ask yourself as a photographer is: “How do I take photos so that they attract attention?” So what can you do to give your photos that certain something? How do you set the focus? Especially in the area of ​​cosplay, the problem of character reflection still arises. As a model/cosplayer you also ask yourself this question. But there are a few options for focusing. In my lecture I would like to introduce you to a few tips - ideal for cosplay photographers and cosplayers, and of course also for normal photographers and models.



5 cool ideas for fabric leftovers – zero-waste gifts for those interested in sewing
from Loliya

You don't always want to buy new things, but you still want to have great gifts for friends, acquaintances and family, you want to indulge yourself and at the same time reuse your leftover materials instead of always throwing them away? In my workshop I'll show you 5 small gift ideas you can make yourself from leftover materials! In this workshop, sewing is not done by machine, but by hand. You will be amazed at what great gifts you can make yourself.