You want to have a photo in your cosplay or take souvenir pictures with other cosplayers, friends or new acquaintances? Then you've come to the right place in our magical gold photo corner! Our photographers put you in the right light and put you in the limelight. Various backgrounds and colors are available for you on site to give your photos an incomparable look.

Our team of photographers will shoot tethered. This means that you will be photographed and you can see a preview right there on the notebook.

As icing on the cake, you can also get the photo in a unique, dreamlike look. A fairytale-like processing is carried out with attention to detail. However, since this is done calmly and with care, it costs a few days and a small fee. However, it will be a real eye-catcher. There is also the possibility that you can have your photo made as a poster, on canvas, as a mobile phone cover, etc.

Kind regards, your photographer Denny Hartung aka Facettenauge-D