Cosplay Contest

What shouldn't be missing from any convention? A cosplay competition, of course. If you have a nice costume or a great performance idea, then take part in our cosplay competition. Enchant the audience with your performance and win great prizes from our sponsors.

You should register by our form below until one week before the event starts. Registration via the form in advance is obligatory! No spontaneous applications at the convention will be accepted anymore.

Audio files: Audio files can be used. The audio files must be sent to us in advance! After your registration you will receive an email from us with the upload link. Please choose the best possible sound quality for your audio file. If possible, use original files in .wav format (highly recommended).

Background pictures: If you want to have a background picture displayed on the beamer during your performance, simply upload the picture in the form during registration. (Attention: Only 1 wallpaper per performance will be shown from the beginning to the end of your performance, no videos!)

After submitting the form, please pay particular attention to your emails one week before the event, in case we have a question to you.


The course of the competition

All participants of the traditional cosplay contest meet at the info point at 1:30 pm and are then accompanied together to the stage. In order to make the competition on stage run more smoothly, there will be so-called prejudging. This means that your costume will be assessed by the jury in advance, even before the official competition begins at 2 p.m.

The valuation of the Cosplay competition is composed as follows:

  • 60% cosplay: faithfulness to the character, quality of the costume, hairstyle and make-up
  • 40% presentation: Idea for the performance, Course of the performance, audience reactions

Duration: Your performance should not exceed 1:30 minutes. If you will perform as a cosplay group you have 1:30 minutes for each acting person. Big groups (4 cosplayer or more) have only 5:00 minutes for their performance.



Prices: Besides the fun factor, the first three winners can expect great prizes. Our jury reserves the right to reward particularly creative performance ideas and unique props. As you can see, it's definitely worth taking part. The winners of the Cosplay competition will be announced at the Victory at 6 pm.

Note to the evaluation: Individual, partner and group cosplayers will not be awarded in separate categories on stage. Each participant is evaluated individually. For partner or group cosplayers, the points achieved are added together and then divided by the number of people so that you get a comparable score to that of an individual cosplayer.


  • No Kigurumis (pyjama) will be admitted to the cosplay competition.
  • No liquids (soap bubbles only in moderation)
  • No too small confetti or glitter
  • No smoke or fire (table fireworks, sparklers)! Otherwise disqualification threatens and it can cost you!


  • Registration Cosplay Contest
Stage Name !!!
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Quantity persons
Max. duration !!!

Microphon is required

I use my own background music / sound for my performance and have understood, after my application, to upload the necessary sound files to the link deposited by Xmas Con.

I use the following props:

After the appearance cleaning is necessary.

Message to us
MANDATORY: Reference image #1 (jpg, png, gif - Max. 1,5 MB) !!!
Optional: Reference image #2 (jpg, png, gif - Max. 1,5 MB)
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