• The second German Xmas Con (hopefully) takes place on 03.12.2022 in Coburg!

  • Beautiful location in Coburg! The Kongresshaus Rosengarten offers plenty of space.

  • Cosplay Contest - would be great when you join next time. :)

German Xmas Con - Event

The German Xmas Con is a Christmas anime and manga convention that will take place on the 03th December 2022 in Coburg for the forth time. The day program takes place in the Coburg "Kongresshaus Rosengarten", which seats up to 1400 visitors. In the evening Disco and Anime Cinema will rock your bodys.

In order to be able to conclude an exciting convention year, we would like to set an unforgettable highlight for all visitors with Christmas ideas and a suitable atmosphere. Enjoy with us a social gathering in the pre-Christmas period, meet friends or get to know new people who share your hobby. Mark the first Saturday of December and get ready for a convention that has never existed so far. Let yourself be entertained and come to the second German Xmas Con.

When and where


Date: 03.12.2022
Main event (in the Kongresshaus)
Evening program (information will follow later)


Main Event
Kongresshaus Rosengarten
Berliner Platz 1
96450 Coburg

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Program Highlights

  • Christmas Maid & Host Café
  • Crafting Christmas Ornaments
  • Christmas Decorations Contest
  • Gifts
  • Cosplay Contest
  • Bring & Buy
  • Honest guests
  • Gamesroom
  • Anime Disko
  • Anime Cinema
  • Photoservice
  • Many showacts
  • Painting the Christmas Ball
  • and so on...