Bring and Buy

What can not be missing on any Convention? Of course, a Bring & Buy place, where you can sell stuff from your collection that you no longer need. It is, so to speak, a little market for articles dealing with manga, anime, games, cosplay or Japan.

And do you know what is good about it? You do not need to sell your things myself. We sell your sales items at the Bring & Buy place and sell it while you stroll comfortably over the Convention. A more convenient way of making money is not.

Opening hours:

Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Pick up until 6:00 pm

Our Bring and Buy Guidelines:

  1. Each item must be marked with a clearly legible price and the corresponding item number and will be given a list number, which will be fixed on the spot.
  2. Only just amounts from 0,50 € are accepted as a selling price (for example 2 Euro, not 1,99 €).
  3. The offered items can be picked up by the seller by 6 pm at the latest. Afterwards, the articles will be stored at the info point by 6:30 pm at the very latest.
  4. A payment of the item value is only possible with a personal pick-up at the place with a photo identification or the pick-up ticket. The amount will be paid in cash.
  5. The German Xmas Con charges a processing fee of 10% on the total amount.
  6. Uncollected items are stored in the items and can be picked up 4 weeks after the German Xmas Con. After this deadline, the articles will be donated to the  German Xmas Con.
  7. In case of theft or damage the German Xmas Con will not accept any liability or reimbursement.
  8. We reserve the right to exclude articles without justification from the Bring & Buy. (for example, in the case of damaged goods, suspicion of robbery, etc.)
  9. A maximum of 20 items may be offered per visitor. Several articles (e.g., band 1-5) may be combined into one article. These combined articles should be banded together or clearly packaged in transparent film.
  10. Packed wigs must be provided with one or more photos, as well as related information such as size and length. These articles can neither be unpacked nor tried on for examination!
  11. Articles with a clearance of 16 or 18 years must be marked on the form. All articles, which are not released to young people under the age of 18, are offered in a separate area for adults.
  12. Childpornographic articles (Lolicon, Shota) are excluded according to §184b Abs. 1 StGB (German Rights).
  13. Homemade items (cocoa cards, cosplays, fanarts, etc.) are not accepted.
  14. Traiding cards of all kinds can be offered as high-quality framed individual pieces (maximum 20 items!), Sets (1 item) or as a complete collection card folder (1 item). Loose traiding cards are not accepted at the Bring & Buy!
  15. By submitting the Bring & Buy form, I confirm that I agree with the above rules.

Registration form

Please download the registration form and fill in all the necessary information carefully to speed up the processing on site. The completed form (you can also enter less than 20 items) needs to bring to the location at the Bring & Buy place together with your sales items.

Download PDF