Secret Santa

The secret Santa is a well-known pre-Christmas custom. Here you take a Christmas present to our event. There, the distribution of the gifts takes place according to a previously determined random principle. So you do not know who you are given and whose gift you get.

For the secret Santa on the Xmas Con we have thought of the following:

Every visitor can bring a secret gift. However, this accessory is not allowed to be wrapped in clear foil, otherwise you will immediately see the contents of the gift and take the tension during unpacking. For this reason, we ask you to pack your gift in normal Christmas paper.

Your gift should have a value between € 5,00 and € 8,00. It would be nice if the packaged gift had something to do with manga, anime or Japan. Please don`t miss any damaged or no longer working articles because you want to get something nice.

If you want to participate the secret Santa, you have to donate your gift to the info point at the latest by 3.30 pm. There you will receive a chip, which allows you to participate in the gifting.

If you have only been aware of this point before the convention, you can also buy something from the local dealers and pack it as an impromptu gift. For this, we provide you with gift wrapping paper.*

From 4 pm the gift of presents will be presented by our presenter on stage and his secrfet Santa on the stage. If you draw your own gift, you will know and get a different one.

In addition, there will be a lucky draw, where you also have the chance to win something as a spectator in the hall! More details will be announced on the spot.

* while stocks last