Rules for props and weapon simulations on the Xmas Con

1.0 General

Many costumes do not come without props. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and our obligations as the organizer and operator of the Xmas Con result in directives for "weapons", which must be strictly adhered to. For this reason, we carry out a weapon check. All props and cosplay weapons are checked at the weapon check. Permitted weapons are also marked as such.

In general, the use of weapons and weapon simulations, which look deceptively genuine, is prohibited in public and at events. Here we refer to the German weapon laws (WaffG -> English version). Show fights are only allowed on the stage during the cosplay competition.

In order for all visitors to enjoy the convention, we want to give cosplayers concrete information about the costume design and the weapons regulations. In general, all participants must ensure that their costumes are made in such a way that they can easily pass the doors and passages, so that other visitors are not endangered or disturbed. Outside of the location we accept no responsibility for costumes. In the event of an infringement within the location, the exclusion from the event may happen in the worst case.

If you ask yourself whether you want to wear your costume and/or your weapon or not on the Xmas Con after reading the rules, you can send photos with measurements as well as full names to us.

2.0 Costumes

  • Tugs and tails: max. 1 m length from foot end
  • Wings should be worn through a normal door (width 80 cm)
  • flexible wings, which can be laid and stretched, must not exceed a maximum span of 2 m per wing (extended). These may only be used for photos with sufficient space outside the venue or on the terrace.
  • The height of the costume with wings and / or crowns must not exceed 2 m.
  • Fursuits, Morphsuits / Centais are allowed
  • Representations of injuries such as intestines and flesh wounds are prohibited.
  • Artificial blood and other visually similar liquids should only be discreetly visible and only be used, as long as the cosplay can not be realized otherwise. If in doubt, the organizers and the fake blood or other similar liquids must be removed.
  • (Extreme) violence is prohibited.
  • Make up and costumes "pollutants" must not be discolored.
  • Army uniforms and combat suits after the year 1900 or costumes worn thereon are not permitted. In addition, we would like to refer to the GERMAN CRIMINAL CODE (StGB), which prohibits the presentation and distribution, as well as distribution of certain symbols and symbols. Helpful paragraphs on this are StGB § 86, StGB § 86a, StGB § 90a and StGB § 132.
  • Metal parts must be attached to the body. Loose and protruding parts must be presented at the gun check.
  • Carrying loose chain strings is prohibited. Chains made of wood or plastic must be clearly visible to the clothing. Chains of metal must be attached to clothing so that they can not be removed.
  • Gasmasks, (Halloween) Latex full masks and motorcycle helmets may not be worn
  • Costumes must not be too free, that is, upper body, intimate area and buttocks must be adequately covered by clothing (this applies to both sexes). Obscene gestures and actions are prohibited.
  • We would like to ask all participants of the Xmas Con to put their cosplays at home or in their hotel rooms as well as make their own make-up, as visitors can not be given any extra clothes. To make a little make-up, the sanitary facilities can be used. Hair in the sink or hairspray misty sanitary facilities are not very comfortable opposite other visitors. In addition, the polluters can be held responsible for cleaning the sanitary facilities.
  • Rivets and collars must have dull rivets less than 5 cm in length
  • Clothes and props must not have sharp corners and edges
  • Everyday things like walking sticks, music instruments and umbrellas are allowed
  • Contact lenses of all types are allowed
  • Ahegao ban - We no longer allow ahegao depictions on clothing or accessories. Similar or other representations that may damage or disrupt the purpose, reputation of the event or other visitors are also prohibited. This rule is affected beginning with the year 2020.

3.0 Allowed weapon imitations

  • Children's toy weapons
  • Blunted Blow and Stroke Imitations
  • Spears with flexible tips up to max. 1.5 m length
  • LARP weapons (Foam or latex replicas of weapons with stabilizer core)
  • Weapons and sticks of wood, cardboard, rubber, plastics, plastic, foam or thermoplastic materials, and combinations thereof, up to a total length of max. 1.50 m are permitted if the wood content does not predominate and e.g. with bars only for stabilization.
  • Walking sticks and sticks with a total length of 1.5 m
  • Scythes not larger than 1,5 m, the scissor blade max. May be 0.8 m long
  • Functional bows without real tendons (max. 1.5 m) and corresponding quiver without arrows
  • Worms (for example Nunchakus) without metallic chains and break-off point
  • Riding equipment max. 1 m, whips max. 1,50 m incl. Whipping impact
  • Throws made of soft, pliable materials without a solid core
  • Shields (from permitted materials) are allowed up to a diameter of 80 cm
  • Balls may be added to the building as cosplay accessories. Ball games as well as show fights are basically forbidden.

4.0 Not allowed

  • Swords with metal blade are not allowed
  • Real guns, real ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnics (fireworks, smoke and fog machines) are not allowed.
  • Weapons that can be disassembled and then remain under the allowable proportions in individual parts are nevertheless prohibited.
  • loose, solid metal chains
  • Tanto knives, slag knives, hard throwing guns, steel rods, kills, wattles (for example, chains), baseball bat, clubs, batons, golf clubs and so on
  • all gas guns, air pressure and soft air weapons (even if they are not operational)
  • Bobbycars, Bobbycars, Inlineskates, Scooters, Skateboards and Scooters or similar
  • functional water guns, as well as water bombs
  • Arrows and bolts of all types for bow and crossbow (independent of material)
  • Rods or tubes of metal, fiberglass, hard plastic or combinations thereof, whether or not mixed (for example, bamboo hardwoods, spears)
  • Glass of any kind, including glass bottles

5.0 Further notes

  • Anyone encountered with an unmarked weapon in the venue will be asked to go to the weapon check immediately.
  • All visitors carry weapon imitations at their own risk and are liable for all damage caused thereby.
  • The decision taken by the security personnel in the Waffencheck is final and can not be challenged.
  • All forbidden weapons and props will be handed over to the Congress Hall at the cloakroom at a charge and can be collected again after the visit of the convention. For visitors of the evening anime disco there are separate storage possibilities for cosplay weapons. No liability is assumed for weapons and props delivered.
  • The Xmas Con stores the rules for the Cosplay contest which are used in the Cosplay contest. These separately treated weapons are brought to the stage in a timely manner and are made available to the cosplayer during his performance. After the performance, the weapons are collected again at the back of the stage and are returned to the weapon check only after leaving the event.

6.0 Final & Liability to Weapon Rules

Points for cosplays and weapon accessories, which are not explicitly mentioned here, can be banned in case of danger to other visitors or the venue in case of doubt by the organizer on site. So please take care of your fellow human beings when designing and assembling your cosplay.

Please note that the Xmas Con would like to ensure the best possible security at the event by taking great care with the weapon check. The gun check is a voluntary service of the Xmas Con. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee that any person will be harmed. Therefore pay attention to you and especially to others. The Xmas Con can not be held liable for accidents with cosplay or cosplay asses. In the case of an accident, the cause of the accident is to be identified and must be held responsible.

Version 1.2 dated 06/15/2020


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