Cosplay dance group Stellaria

Vocaloid, Love Live! or would you prefer K-Pop? You've probably heard it all somewhere or maybe even seen it. This year you can experience everything at once in Stellaria's mini-live "A New Constellation: Xmas Edition".

Stellaria has been active as a cosplay dance group in Munich since 2021 and, in addition to appearing on German con stages, also produces its own video projects. At the beginning of 2023 they started the new year with their idol sonas and a fresh concept in which they combine cosplay with different dance styles.

From popular K-pop groups to choreographies from the Odottemita area to Love Live! they are broadly based. In addition to animations, lighting technology and coordinated outfits, the main focus is on music and performance. So get your lightsticks and penlights ready and don't miss how Stellaria lights up the stage!