Our Cosplay Jury

In order to have your great costumes and performances expertly evaluated, we put together a jury consisting of four experienced cosplayers. Most of them have been in the scene for over ten years and you can find out a little more about them here.

Silverwolf Cosplay  

I come from the city of light Jena and have been cosplaying since 2009, so for a good 14 years. I create quite a variety of characters, whether from a video game, series or anime/manga. There are even our own characters. I really enjoy working on a cosplay with a variety of materials and always learning something new, even if something goes wrong. I particularly enjoy styling wigs and working with thermoplastic materials and 3D printing. I also do cosplay photography.


Lisa Laudanum Cosplay


Hello! I have been Lisa, a cosplayer and creative artist for many years, since 2008 to be precise. During this period I have already made several cosplays from various series, films and games, as well as my own creations. I have been self-employed since 2018 and have turned my hobby into a profession - even full-time since 2021. I make faux fur ears and tails, as well as headdresses and accessories of all kinds. There isn't as much time left for creating new cosplays as before. ;) But this hobby will remain my constant companion. The last time I was at Xmas Con was in 2017 and I'm happy to be there again this year as a jury member for the cosplay competition!


Dragon Bug Cosplay


Hello, I'm Dragon Bug Cosplay and I come from the beautiful city of Leipzig. 14 years ago, around 2009, I did my first cosplay and this hobby still fascinates me to this day. I love bringing small, strange, crazy villains from gaming and anime worlds to life. As a clothing technology assistant, I can spend hours working on the right fabrics to create an authentic cosplay. I really enjoy advising friends on their projects and implementing them together. No fabric store is safe from me. Over the last few years I have also taught myself how to craft accessories and armor. As the saying goes, you learn throughout your life.


Icy_Dracaria Cosplay


I'm Ria, I've been cosplaying since 2009 and I come from the state capital of Thuringia, Erfurt. Discovering new characters and slipping into them is what I enjoy most about cosplaying. No matter what, the hobby should be fun first of all. Talking about series or games together and making new contacts makes up a huge part of it. I've also been streaming since 2021 and have done cosplay in front of the cam every now and then.