Our Cosplay Jury

In order to have your great costumes and performances expertly evaluated, we put together a jury consisting of four experienced cosplayers. Most of them have been in the scene for over ten years and you can find out a little more about them here.

Silverwolf Cosplay

I'm from Jena, the city of light, and I've been cosplaying since 2009, so for a good 13 years. I implement quite different characters, whether from games, series or anime and manga. I really enjoy working on a cosplay with a wide variety of materials and always learning something new, even if something goes wrong. I particularly enjoy styling wigs and working with thermoplastic materials and 3D printing. I also do cosplay photography.


Masquaos Cosplay

We are Mika and Malu, collectively known as Masquaos Cosplay. We have been cosplaying together since 2013 and have participated in various national competitions and international preliminary competitions since 2014. We have been jury members at various cosplay competitions since 2017 and have attended many national and international conventions. Malu is responsible for the wigs, the make-up and the paint job. Mika loves to craft and sew. Together we run the show group Fancy Histrionics, founded in 2018. We have been very happy to work on horror cosplay projects for two years. After almost 10 years of cosplay, we are ending our careers in the field and looking forward to celebrating our farewell at XMas Con.



Hey guys, I'm Icy_Dracaria and I'm from Erfurt. I've been cosplaying since 2009 and streaming on Twitch since 2021 as well. I'm a little gamer and crazy. I'm really looking forward to being back at XMas-Con and to the amazing cosplayers and artists here!