Fortune Cookie auction for a good cause

Christmas is the festival of charity. Everyone loves their pets, but what happens to those who no longer have a home? Thousands of animals end up in animal shelters every year. Especially after the Christmas season, the number of abandoned pets increases. Since the animal shelters' financial resources are limited, the German Xmas Con has decided to support the animal shelter in Coburg as part of a charity campaign.

How can you help as a visitor?

Very easy! You can either paint a Christmas ball in the chillout area for €2, which you can of course keep, or you can follow the stage program. There will again be fortune cookie auctions between the program items, where you can bid on an exquisite fortune cookie as well as a unique thank you certificate.

At the end of the event, the sum from the fortune cookie auction and ball painting will be added up in the chillout area and handed over to those responsible at the animal shelter on the stage after the award ceremony. The animal shelter and of course we look forward to your support.