Mini Games Contest

On the Xmas Con you have the chance to participate in the "Mini Games Contest". This competition includes 5 different mini-games, which you can play free of charge with friends or other visitors. In addition to well-known classic games, you can also try out modern Japanese, which can be tried out for heartache.

How can I participate in this competition?

In order to participate in this competition you have to take a participation card only at the Info-Point. On this card there are 5 fields, which must be stamped.

How do I get a stamp?

No matter whether you win or lose - let your participation in the various play stations be stamped by an appropriate helper on site.

When did I have to collect the stamps?

Until 17.30 clock you have the 10 different stamps to get hold of and your card at the Infopoint. Only those who have all the 10 games and thus a completely filled in participation card have a chance to win something. Please do not forget to write down your full name and age in the appropriate text fields on the map.

When will I know if I have won something?

The winners of the various competitions will be announced in time for the victory at 6.00 pm. The winner of the competition is the one who has done the quickest. But everyone else has a chance to win. All participants who have a fully filled card before the deadline will be given a chance to win a lucky fan who can also look forward to great prizes. By the way, the start and end times of the stamp rally are noted on each participation card, so that even visitors who arrive at the convention late in the afternoon have a chance of being the fastest.