Creative competition 2020

Since there are usually only pure drawing contests for other conventions, we would also like to give all the hobbyists and sewing enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in our creative competition. Draw, create or sew our mascot.

This year you can draw our snow bunny Suno. Suno was part of the German Xmas Con mascots since beginning. Now it's showtime for our secret star Suno!

No matter if you draw our snow bunny Suno alone, together with our santa Cookie or a group picture with the people of our maid and host café. It is important that everyone can recognizes Suno as a snow ball with green leaf ears and red berry eyes.


We ask you to consider the following guidelines:

1.) Our snow bunny should be clearly recognizable and not presented as an real animal.

2.) For drawings, the format A4 must not be exceeded.

3.) Whether pencil drawing, line art or colored drawing does not matter.

4.) The material is optional. Drawings made or colored on the PC must be printed. Basics and sewing work must be available in the original, photos are not enough.

5.) Sewn or tufted works may not exceed a maximum size of 40 cm.

6.) All submitted drawings, craftsmanship and sewing work must be free of youth. The jury reserves the right to exclude from the competition works which do not comply with the guidelines.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are you waiting for? Take your chance and participate in our creative competition. The three best ideas are awarded with great prizes by our sponsors.


In addition to fame and honor, we also offer attractive prizes from our sponsors. The prizes will be given at the stage of our victory at 6 pm on stage.


Participation in the creative competition is possible by submitting your work at the Infopoint until 4 pm on the Xmas Con. Please do not forget to mention your name and age on the back. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at


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