Special guests German Xmas Con

Lenny (Lennyficate)

"What's up, guys - Lenny's here again!" Is the greeting of Youtubers Lenny: If you're a true Pokémon fan or like to indulge in nostalgia, then you've come to the right place on his Youtube Channel Lennyficate Pokémon - his own formats, entertainment videos or news about upcoming editions - he has been posting new videos regularly since 2011.
You also belong to Lenny's fans - the Gengar Gang? Then take the chance and meet him here. Experience him live on stage. In addition to his own appearance, he will also moderate various other program items.


David Füleki

David Füleki is a cartoonist, freelance illustrator and non-fiction author in the field of media sciences. He had his first manga releases in the manga-talent competitions of the Leipzig Book Fair in 2002 and 2003. Since then he has won several prizes in Manga and Doujinshi competitions. In 2008, he founded the publishing house Delfinium Prints, for which he has since worked as an editor. His best known works include "Demon Mind Game", but above all "Struwwelpeter: The Return" and "78 Days on the Road of Hate".

At the Xmas Con, he will be there for you as well as a workshop at his artist stand. If you want to have your mangas signed, get to know David in person or learn something at his character design drawing workshop, come by and visit your favorite German artist.