When looking for a suitable mascot for the German Xmas Con, it made sense to choose a character with a Christmas connection, namely Santa Claus. Cookie is his name. Since Cookie has aged over the years, his son Schoko is now taking over delivering the gifts for the festival of love.

The first drawings come from ChinosWorld. These were given color and life by the artist Euleweis. Since the middle of the year we have received support from the artist angelscribs, who has created our mascots in a new, modern drawing style. We hope you like this innovation as much as we do. :)

Our Cookie has been with us since 2017. He is an older Santa Claus who loves listening to metal and rewards convention goers with gifts if they have been good throughout the year. Over time he has experienced a few things, so he turns gray pretty quickly. Our Eminence Gray now prefers to stay in the background and leaves the handing out of the gifts during Secret Santa to his son Schoko.


Schoko is Cookie's son. He recently graduated from the Christmas Academy and now has the official license to distribute gifts as a professional Santa Claus. He is supported in his new tasks by the members of the Maid and Host Café and his animal friends, who have already worked with his father Cookie.


The pretty maid Hikari has been a regular at the maid and host café “Yuki no Kuni” for many years. At first she seems a little reserved and shy, but she has a lot of fun with friends and comes out of her own accord. At the Xmas Con, together with the other maids and her colleagues, the hosts, she takes care of the well-being of the guests.

The secret star among all our mascots is the snow bunny Sunoboru (short for “Suno”). In Japan they build snow bunnies instead of snowmen. Two leaves of the evergreen sky bamboo are placed on the oval-shaped body made of snow, which are supposed to represent the ears of the hare. Red berries are used for the eyes. After Suno was built by Hikari on a beautiful winter day, he wished to be a real rabbit that would never have to melt. Cookie fulfilled his wish. He now spends his everyday life with Hikari and Schoko and overcomes the small and large challenges of the Christmas season with his two friends.