FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I. Event

What is the German Xmas Con and when does it take place?

The German Xmas Con is a Christmas anime and manga convention, which will take place on the 30 November 2019 for the third time in Coburg.

When does the admission begin and when does the convention end?

The entrance starts at 11 am at the main entrance of the "Kongresshaus Rosengarten". At 6pm, the main event is ending and you can enjoy the the evening program with anime disco and anime cinema in the "Jugendzentrum (JUZ)" starting at 7pm. Entry will be possible from 6:30 pm. The anime disco ends around 11.30 pm.

How do I get to the location of the German Xmas Con and is the location to be reached by public transport?

Here you can find detailed information about how to get there.

Is there a car park nearby?

Only about 100 meters from the "Kongresshaus" is the a big parking area called "Anger". It's opposite the "Jugendzentrum (JUZ)". For a maximum of € 2.50 parking fees are charged for 24 hours. Should this be occupied, however, you can look elsewhere in the surrounding car parks (Parkhaus Mauer, Parkhaus Post und Parkhaus Zinkenwehr). These parking facilities are signposted by a parking guidance system.

Is the event building barrier-free?

The "Kongresshaus" is largely barrier-free. The toilets can be easily reached by a lift in the foyer. In order to get to the stage, few stairs have to be overcome, where our helpers gladly help. Unfortunately, electronic wheelchairs cannot be brought to the stage.
Attention! The access in the evening in the "Jugendzentrum (JUZ)" for the anime disco is barrier-free. The anime cinema is located on the first floor and can only be reached by stairs!

II. Cosplay

Do I have to go to the convention with a Cosplay?

Cosplays are always welcome, but this is not a must.

Is there a wardrobe and changing facilities?

There is a wardrobe in the location, where you can give your jackets or backpacks. There are unfortunately no special dressing rooms options for cosplayers.

What do I need to know about my cosplay?

What rules you have to observe in your costume and your cosplay weapons, you can read here.

III. General questions

I am under 16 years old. Can I come to the German Xmas Con?

Basically yes. Please note the following: If you are under 12 years of age, you can only visit the Convention accompanied by a legal guardian. Adolescents who have not yet reached the age of 16 can visit the evening program for an indefinite period, accompanied by a parent or with a parents supervidor. Here you can find more information as well.

I or one of my friends has injured on the Convention. What should I do?

At the German Xmas Con we have paramedics there, which will provide you with immediate assistance in case of emergency.

Where can I register for competitions?

For some competition you can register in advance for the others you must go to the info point at the event. You can sign up for the Cosplay competition by following the instructions on this page.

Are animals allowed on the convention?

Real animals are prohibited on the German Xmas Con. The only exception are animals specially trained for the care and support of handicapped persons, such as blind dogs.

What is prohibited at the German Xmas Con?

General prohibitions and the house rules can be found under the item "General visitor regulations (ABR)".

What happens when I lose something at the event?

Findings are handed out at the info point in the foyer. You can leave valuables at the wardrobe. No liability is assumed for the loss of valuable items.

Is there an opportunity to eat and drink at the event?

Of course, you have the possibility to buy food and drinks in the in-house restaurant. While the restaurant offers hearty food, you can enjoy sweet food such as waffles or muffins at the Maid Café.

IV. Tickets

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets for the German Xmas Con can be ordered online. Click here for the ticket shop.

Will there be tickets only in advance or at the box office?

Tickets for the German Xmas Con can be purchased online as well as at the day's cash desk, as long as they are left over from the online sale. If you pre-order tickets in the ticket shop, you have the option to print your ticket yourself or to select send it by post. By presenting your ticket, you will receive your convention band. The shipping process will take place at the latest 2 weeks before the event.

Did you already know that you can participate in various actions with your ticket, which you have in the online store? For example, you can suggest a song request for the evening anime disco.

How does the ticket system work?

The ticket system works purely electronically. Once you have ordered tickets, the system sends an automatic confirmation email (order confirmation) to the email address you specified. This email contains once again the data of your order (number and type of tickets, shipping costs, total price, etc.), as well as the necessary bank data for your bank transfer.
The current status of your order (ordered, paid, shipped) can be found on our homepage by entering the 9-digit order number under this link.

Do I have to pay attention when printing my ticket?

The ticket can not be printed in a reduced size. Please use DIN A4 paper! We advise against laminating the ticket, as there may be problems with the scanning.

Are there any benefits (e.g. for children)?

Children under 10 years of age receive a 50% discount at the cash desk. Children under 4 years of age receive free entry. A valid children's ID card must be presented on site.

Disabled persons receive a 50% discount at the cash desk. People with disabilities must show their ID card at the cash desk. The discount applies to a degree of disability of 50% or more.

Can you give me my ticket at the cash desk?

Unfortunately, we cannot cover tickets at the cash desk because of organizational reasons. We recommend you to use the ticket sales online. If you cannot come at short notice, this is not a problem because your ticket can be transferred without any problems to friends as it is not personal.

Can I transfer / transfer my ticket to someone else?

Since the tickets are not personal, you can easily pass on your tickets to friends. However, the double use of a ticket is expressly prohibited!

Can I return my ticket?

You can find more detailed information here.

V. Honest guests

Can I get an autograph from special guests?

Our special guests are sure to give you an autograph. Just ask directly at the event. :-)

May I photograph the special guests?

You want to have a picture taken with our special guests? Then just asks them. We assure you they do not bite. Everyone is different, so you should ask them before taking a photo.