Live Quiz

Do you like quiz shows on stage, but are too shy to be on stage yourself? No problem, because we have a live quiz in which every visitor sitting in the hall can take part from the comfort of their own seat.


If you want to take part, simply type a link into your smartphone browser. However, this link will only be announced on site on stage. The link is clearly visible to everyone via the projector image. This will then take you to the live quiz. You now have to enter your name on the quiz page so that you can identify who answered how many questions correctly. You can also use a nickname. But it should be able to be assigned to you.


Now it's time to get down to business! A total of 10 questions are asked per quiz round. There are several options for each question. Within a few seconds you have to decide on the correct answer and select it, otherwise the question will disappear without you being able to select anything. There's no time to Google to look up the correct answer.

Evaluation and prices

After 10 questions, a short evaluation takes place, in which the participants with the most correct answers win. Each of the named winners can look forward to a small prize. Several rounds are played.