Ticket Tool

Because of cancelling of our event we worked on some options for you. You can decide what should happen with your tickets.

  • Choose an option
I would like to have my tickets rewritten for the next German Xmas Con on 03.12.2022.¹

I would like to completely donate my purchased tickets to the German Xmas Con.²

I would like to have all of my money transferred back to the account from which I paid for the tickets.³

For data protection reasons, we will only be able to assign you via a ticket ID. If you have bought several tickets, just choose a ticket. You can find your ticket ID in the top left of every ticket.


¹ The tickets are automatically rewritten. After processing, you can use your old tickets from 2021 for 2022.

² With a donation you support the next German Xmas Con and help us to pay our costs for this year.

³ If your bank account has changed, please send this to us directly and verify yourself with the billing address given in the order confirmation.