Special guests German Xmas Con

We are pleased to introduce you to the special guest of the Xmas Con 2018.We are pleased to introduce you to the special guest of the Xmas Con 2018.

Shiroku - Cosplayer and Singer

Shiroku is a J-Pop artist and comes from beautiful Hamburg. In 2006 she discovered her passion for cosplay. When she spontaneously participated in a vocal contest at a convention and won, an invitation followed as a show act to the next convention, during which she gave a small concert of 15 minutes.

Shiroku has been thrilled with her extraordinary voice for more than ten years now. In addition to anime openings and endings, she also sings pop songs and soulful ballads. Meanwhile, she was already able to build a strong fan base and already gave over 200 concerts. In other European countries, such as Lithuania, England and Finland, she also enthuses people with her singing. Through her releases under the record label "Anime Records" she was also able to win fans around the world. She achieved her greatest success through the Top 40 hit on the Japanese iTunes charts "Bad Apple". In addition to numerous compilations, she has also released several albums and singles.

Not to mention their success in cosplay competitions. As a cosplayer, she finished fourth in the 2016 World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan. A year later she was selected as the German representative for the "European Cosplay Gathering 2018" in Paris.

Meet Shiroku at her merchandising booth, enjoy her concert or attend her workshop on "Cosplay in Japan".