Watercolor Workshop
by Laovaan (Kite)

Hi, my name is Laovaan and I am a art student from Germany who works with both traditional and digital media. I prefer to use watercolor. I like working with ink, markers and Photoshop.

Since I come from Bochum (Germany) and so far only in the area western Germany as a draftsman on conventions on the way I am all the more guests at the German Xmas Con to be and meet you personally.

If you like, check out my YouTube channel, where I'll show you tips and tricks, as well as challenges and more about drawing.


Origami Workshop
by Berry Antoinette

Origami to fold! Origami are beautiful and elaborately folded paper figures from Asia. They serve as a decoration, gift or even have ritual backgrounds. In my Origami Workshop I want to teach you simple Christmas figures. If you already know something or you can trust yourself more, you can also try a traditional crane. You can take the produced figures as a souvenir. I am looking forward to your visit to one of my workshops! Berry ♥



Workshop "How to cosplay"
by Lisa Laudanum

Cosplay is a great hobby, but how do I start with it? What should I watch out for on my first cosplay? Should I buy the Cosplay or sew myself? What should I look for when buying wigs or contact lenses? Questions about questions which is probably posed every time or perhaps currently being asked?

I would like to help the beginners of the cosplay get into the hobby and give some tips, tricks and experiences further. So just go and dare! ;-)


Workshop "Headpieces"
by Lisa Laudanum

You always wanted to know how you can build a headdress for one of your projects, but do not know how to start? In my workshop, I will show you tips and tricks how you can easily build a headdress without despairing, from the start up to the final wear.



Workshop „Cosplay Posing“
von Sayuri Tanaka

Jeder Cosplayer kennt die folgende Situation: Ein Fotograf ist auf dein Cosplay aufmerksam geworden. Nun fragt er nach einem Foto. Oft kommt es vor, dass man sich unsicher ist, wenn es um das richtige Posieren geht. In diesem Workshop soll es genau um dieses Thema gehen. Hier lernt ihr wie man sich zielsicher mit Einsatz der richtigen Posen auf ein Shooting oder auf eine Con vorbereitet. Vom Posen sammeln über Inspirationen holen bis zum Umgang mit dem Fotografen ist sehr viel Wissenswertes dabei. Auch für die Fotografen unter Euch wird es Tipps geben, wie ihr den Cosplayer unterstützen könnt. Cosplay Posing ist ein Thema, das sowohl für Fotografen als auch für Cosplayer gleichermaßen interessant ist.


AMV Workshop
by Sarah (Cazybunny)

Hello, I am Sarah aka Cazybunny and make since 2009 passionately like AMVs. At the German Xmas Con I will show you in a small workshop the basics how to create an anime music video.

Thanks to the German Xmas Con organizers and I look forward to all the coming! :-)




The following Workshop cannot be done, so "Cosplay Posing" is the replacement for that. We hope Freaky Lulu can join us next year!

Vocaloid Workshop
by Freaky Lulu

Many fans from the anime and manga scene have already heard the term "Vocaloid". Most of them think of Miku Hatsune, a girl with long turquoise braids. But many do not know exactly what is behind it. Is Vocaloid an Anime? No, it is a software that allows you to do virtually anything musically.

This well-known music program is explained to you by 35-year-old Freaky Lulu from Speyer. Since 2013 it has fallen into the Fandom and since then has been intensively concerned with this software. She herself appreciates the creativity of the producer. No matter if you want to play pop, rock, metal, chant, or opera. There are no limits to you.

(Cc-nc-by) Hatsune Miku, Crypton Future Media, "Hatsune Miku is a registered trademark of Crypton Future Media, INC -" Vocaloid "is a registered trademark of YAMAHA Corporation. VocalNexus is a non-profit fan project promoting and distributing Vocaloid music in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.