Xmas Con again cancelled - 2021!

Dear visitors, exhibitors and contributors,

Although we really want to be ambassadors of positive events, we have to bring the worst possible news again this year. Despite all the hopes, efforts and expectations for this year, the efforts of all of us are not enough to hold our much-missed Xmas Con again.

After consultation with the venue and our team, there was no positive knowledge whatsoever to set up a new unforgettable event with you. The main reason for the cancellation is probably that we have absolutely no planning security. Nobody can tell us whether we are allowed to take place, but if so, guaranteed with conditions that none of you would like or we are even able to order or permanently control. Basically, there would of course be the possibility to continue planning for this year, but we always ask the basic question "for what?", Because the question is legitimate. As long as there are no clear rules for indoor events of this kind in confined spaces, we have no planning leeway. Even if the 3G rule were to apply, you and us would face new problems and all currently realistic possibilities would ruin the event. It would not be the Xmas Con that we would like to present and it would not be the Xmas Con that you want to go to, because with certain restrictions (mask requirement, distance rule, etc.) in such a narrow space and at this time the pandemic is unthinkable and will not be simply not approved.

The result could be an option with 100 instead of 1000 visitors, a kind of mini-Xmas-Con for almost the same costs for us as organizers and entry prices in the range of 100 € or more and on top of that significantly less program offer and still waiting queues. We don't want to impose that on anyone and that's why it's simply not acceptable.

We are very sorry for the whole thing. We would like to let you know that we had very much hoped and also felt great anticipation. Unfortunately, the signs are again very bad. This includes not only the lack of guidelines, but also the again increasing numbers that play a role. Of course, winter is always the most favorable time imaginable for the virus, so that if we had planned further, the date might literally have flown over our ears.

We sincerely hope that we can and can take place next year with better regulation.

Warm greetings,

Your Xmas Con team

For all ticket holders who had their ticket rewritten last year, we have activated our ticket tool again. Once again, you can flexibly decide what to do with your tickets: