German Xmas Con 2020 is cancelled

Dear visitors and contributors,

With a heavy heart we have to tell you that we are forced to cancel this year's German Xmas Con. Despite all efforts, we see no way to make the con so that everyone involved has fun.

We have always focused on the fun of everyone involved. The restrictions due to Covid-19 would be so drastic that a normal course of events would not be possible.

We have long thought about how we can implement the Xmas Con despite everything. These would have been the consequences for you:

  •     Program items should have been cancelled (e.g. Maid Café, workshops, karaoke etc.), since we could not have guaranteed the clearance and hygiene regulations for these program items.
  •     For the same reason, we could have less dealers and artists.
  •     In order to implement the required measures, we would have needed significantly more files and helpers.
  •     We should have significantly reduced the maximum number of visitors.
  •     Many temporary queues would have been created in front of and in the building.
  •     In addition, we should have canceled the entire evening program.

All of these measures would have meant that this year's German Xmas Con would not be the event that we all know and love. And this "shadow" of the Xmas Con would not have been what we expect from us and what we want to offer you.

Instead we are looking forward to next year! The next Xmas Con will take place on December 4th, 2021. Anyone who has already bought a ticket for this year can also have it rewritten to next year. Alternatively, you can of course get your money back. We are currently working on a formula so that you can choose between different options and will let you know as soon as it is online.

We hope that we were able to explain our decision to you in an understandable manner and would be delighted to welcome you again next year.

Your German Xmas Con Team