Would you like to have a workshop on next German Xmas Con? Then apply for it. We are waiting for new interesting workshop themes. Please use the contact form.


Cosplay in Japan
by Shiroku

Have not you ever wondered what the cosplay scene in Japan is like? What should you pay attention to before your first appearance in cosplay at a Japanese event?

Shiroku has already attended various cosplay events in Japan and explains the differences between Japanese and German cosplay culture. Among other things, she talks about her experiences in the World Cosplay Summit Team Germany and describes her experiences as a cosplay guest at the Comiket. After Shiroku's lecture, you can also ask your own questions that interest you in the subject.


Origami Workshop
by Berry Antoinette

Also this year Berry will be present with her Origami Workshop - Origami mit fold! Origami are beautiful and elaborately folded paper figures from Asia. They serve as decoration, gift or even have ritual backgrounds. In her origami workshop she will teach you simple Christmas figures. Anyone who knows something or feels more confident can also enjoy a traditional crane. You can of course take the produced figures as a souvenir. The Berry is looking forward to your visit!




Wigs Workshop
by Levi-chi Cosplay

Looks like my favorite character, that's my dream! But how am I to do this hairstyle without having to constantly style and color my hair? That's exactly what I'm showing you in my workshop. I would like to discuss the basics of wigs. Key points will be: choice of wig, styling, transportation, the day at the con, the day after the con, the care and storage. Based on own wigs and examples, I want to show you that it does not take much to be able to use a great wig for a long time. Let yourself be surprised how much fun working with wigs can do. I look forward to seeing you!




Armament construction for beginners
by Mikaniju Cosplay

You've always wanted to work with Worbla, EVA and Co., but you never dared to? Then you are exactly right with me. I would like to introduce you to the world of Worbla and EVA and show you how to easily make your first pieces of armor. With me you learn how you get from the paper cut to the finished painted final product. You do not have to worry about it getting too complicated. Everyone can cosplay and everyone can build armor, you just have to trust each other and that's how I help you.





Low Budget Cosplay Workshop
by Rathalos Cosplay

An elaborate cosplay does not always have to be expensive. Many cosplayers still go to school or are students, so they can not afford their dream costumes. This workshop is about how to implement a cosplay as cost-effectively as possible. You can expect a lecture on materials science and the question of how I set as low as possible a good quality cosplay. Some cheap materials are presented, as well as tips and tricks to get your hands on free content. In addition, you will learn in advance to plan the cost of a cosplay.



Crossplay 1x1 for Girls
by Latharna Cosplay

What do characters like Rin Okumura, Chiaki Nagoya and Otabek Altin have in common? Right, they look awesome, fun side by side, they're boys! In my workshop, I introduce you to the world of Crossplay!
But what is Crossplay anyway? Exactly this is what I explain in my workshop topics such as make-up, posing, burst binder, open chest binding and much more.