Cosplay & Lolita Fashion Show by Loliya

Loliya is the Label of the 28-year-old designer Jeannette Schlenzig from Jena (Thuringia). Her collections represent the Lolita style in its many variants. A colorful mix of Lolita styles like Shiro-Lolita, Kuro-Lolita, Classic-Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Pirate-Lolita and more await you at the fashion show.

With the love for Japan, Anime, Manga and Lolita everything started. In early 2011, designer Jeannette Schlenzig graduated from the School of Fashion and Design in Magdeburg. Since then she has been a freelance fashion designer, producing custom-made cosplays alongside her own designs. If you would like to learn sewing yourself, you can do so in your sewing courses, at events or during an internship in your company. She is also regularly seen at anime fairs, steampoint meetings and other events such as the Berlin Fashion Week.

At the German Xmas Con she will show you a selection of her cosplay designs and the current Lolita collection 2018 "6 Swans" with flower dresses in shades of blue and the coat collection based on the animals of the forest. Of course, all dresses are also available at the artist's stand and are ready for you to try on and buy or can be re-commissioned according to your wishes.

More information can be found on the homepage of Loliya: