Shaolin Kung Fu

Developed by the fighting monks of the South Shaolin Temple to protect themselves from attacks by pirates and robbers, Weng Chun was practiced by the rebels of the Red Junks in the underground and later practiced for self-defense in the streets of China and Hong Kong.

Andreas Hoffmann was the last and only Western student of Grandmaster Wai Yan. At the beginning of the nineties the Weng Chun was introduced by him in Germany and internationally known.

Thorsten Engels began in 2005 with his training under Master Rittirong Konggann in Coburg. In 2007 he was appointed practice director by Grandmaster Andreas Hoffmann. A year later, he became a German champion in Sanda Vollkontakt, before he was named Sifu (black belt) in 2012. In 2014 Thorsten Engels was appointed Weng Chun master by Andreas Hoffmann and in 2015 opened his own Weng Chun Kung Fu school in Sonneberg, named Shaolin Sonneberg.

Rejoice with us on Thorsten Engels and his Kung Fu students, who will perform various partner exercises, form training and much more on the stage. In addition to the relaxed "Chi Sao", where you work with the energy of the exercise partner, there will also be real sparing units.

On the German Xmas Con, you have the opportunity to try out the Kung Fu School's info point on the wooden exercise doll.

Would you like to know more about the Shaolin School in Sonneberg? Then look at Facebook under "Shaolin-Sunberg Weng Chun Kung Fu".