The German Xmas Con will collect money donations for the "Foundation for Children with Cancer in Coburg" as part of a charity campaign.

This foundation, as the name implies, supports children with cancer and their parents in the Coburg region. It promotes projects to improve healing chances, treatment methods and quality of life.

If a child becomes infected with cancer, the daily life of a family changes dramatically. Help is needed not only in the medical field. The Foundation also provides advice and assistance.

For this reason, the organizers of the German Xmas Con have decided to help with partners in the best possible way. For this target, money donations are collected, which will be handed over to the foundation during the event.

The German Xmas Con is not only dependent on the help of companies and other organizations. Also every visitor can contribute a small part if they would like. How it works? At the event itself, there will be tables in the "chill-out area", where interested people can buy and paint a Christmas tree ball for 2,00 €. The amount collected will be fully donated and donated by our partners, the foundation for children with cancer in Coburg.

Further information on the foundation itself can be found on the following homepage: (only German)

Note: As a sponsor of the donation campaign, you can register at any time in our form.