Anime Movies & Disco

The evening program of the German Xmas Con includes anime cinema and anime disco. For your own disco song, scroll down.

Anime movies

You're searching for something in the evening after the convention? Then we have just the thing for you. Take a look at our evening anime cinema. It takes place on the upper floor of the "Jugendzentrum (JUZ)" from 7:30 pm.

Which animes we will show in detail depends on our sponsors and is not clear yet. We will do so in due course.

If you need a refreshment for intermediate, is at the bar on the ground floor well cared for. There you can buy not only standard drinks such as cola, Fanta and water but also alcohol-free mixed drinks. There you will also find something to eat.

Because of legal regulations, we must ask all visitors of anime cinema about their age. Under the item Anime Disko you will find a brief overview of the age groups and how long to participate in our evening program.

Anime disco

Would you like to celebrate after the visit of the main event? Then you are in the anime disco just right. Beginning at 6:30 pm, the opening at the Coburger Jugendzentrum will begin, where the evening program of the German Xmas Con will take place.

What songs do we play? We leave that to you, because you decide the evening anime disco. By entering your 9-digit ticket ID into the form below, you can request a song online. Unfortunately, we can not promise to take into account all wishes as this would break the deadline. But we hope to have as many wishes as possible.

You can find information on the age regulations of the evening event here under point 8.1.

Anime Disco Song Wish

For your song request, enter your 9-digit ticket ID in the form below. You can find the Ticket-IDs from your online ordered tickets, which you have already received in the order confirmation. Then you can enter or change your song request. If you buy several tickets, you and your friends / family can repeat these steps accordingly.

The Xmas Con does not guarantee that the entered song will actually be played. Reasons against a song can be: the song is inappropriate, reasons of procurement, time reasons, etc.