Show group Fancy Histrionics

In January 2018, 25 creative minds joined forces to form a show group called "Fancy Histrionics". The stated goal, which welded together the 17- to 35-year-old Saxons: to infect their audience with drama and dance with their own enthusiasm. After their first show "Children instead of rabbits", which they already played on our Xmas Con stage last year, they are now back on stage with their new program.

Alice in Wonderland with heart and chicken

After "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice behind the mirrors", the unofficial third adventure around the world's most famous dreamer now follows. In this adventure she meets hearts on the wrong track and gets caught between the fronts in the battle of the queens. Who is on whose side? And how did the dormouse get into reality? All the answers are given in this play - provided you don't ask these questions at the tea party.

Here is a picture of the group from their last year's play "Children instead of rabbits" based on the Circus Arc of Anime Black Butler: