Show group Fancy Histrionics

In January 2018, 25 creative minds joined forces to form a show group called "Fancy Histrionics". The stated goal, which welded together the 17- to 35-year-old Saxons: to infect their audience with drama and dance with their own enthusiasm. One year later they are ready to start with their first play "Children instead of Rabbits" to bring fresh wind to the fair stages of Germany with imaginative conversions.

Children instead of rabbits

The play is based on the circus arc of the anime Black Butler.

To clarify and end a series of child abductions, Ciel and his demonic butler Sebastian will be part of the circus "Noah's Ark." As covert investigators, they have their hands full, because in addition to the search for clues, it also needs to cope with the illustrious figures of the traveling people and the pitfalls of circus everyday life.